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We are currently located in southern Ohio. If you are in this area and would like to inquire about local sales, please contact us via email for more information, or send written correspondence to:

Customized Data Solutions
ATTN: StoryBlox™ Staff
P. O. Box 27
New Vienna, Ohio 45159

StoryBlox™ Concept:

Alphabet blocks are one of the best toys ever made, in our opinion. Most of the time, however, young children are left to play with them by themselves, and older children quickly lose interest in them. StoryBlox™ are much more engaging, as parents, caretakers and older siblings are much more inclined to play with small children, helping them to pick out the stories, songs, or rhymes and reading with them.

Pre-school aged children will be able to play with these blocks just like regular alphabet blocks, but older children will also be interested in finding the right blocks, putting them in order, and reading along. These blocks are also great for households with children of varying ages, as older children often enjoy showing off and reading to their younger siblings.

While our line of products has expanded to include various handmade toys, safe toys with educational benefits remain our primary focus.

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