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StoryBlox™ now offers a line of whirling spin toys. These are similar to the 'button toys' you might have played with as a child (also known as finger pinchers or fidabididdens).   The two small spools (see image) on either side of the toys serve as "handles" to help protect little fingers against the pull of the string.

We currently offer a full line of toys including natural and painted circles, apples (for your favorite teacher), teddy bears, paint-your-own spintoy kits, and customizable toys for your business or organization. We also offer one of a kinda hand-painted toys, and various seasonal toys from time to time. Check our store for the full list of currently available spin toys.

We include an extra string with each toy in case the first one breaks.

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How to Use the Toys:

The toy has two holes drilled at the center and a loop of string threaded through it. To play with a toy, grab the two spools and pull your hands apart so that one spool rests behind the joint of each of your middle fingers. Position the snowflake so that it's centered slack on the string, then start spining the toy away from you until the string on either side has several twists in it.

Once the string is twisted, you simply pull your hands apart with a little force, this will force the snowflake to start spinning, and when the string has unwound, the snowflake will continue to spin, winding the string the other direction. This creates a yo-yo effect of sorts and the toy will keep spinning as you move your hands apart (when the string is twisted) and back together as it starts to untwist).

Safety Information:

The spools could cause a choking hazard, so this toy is NOT for children under 3. The toy can move pretty fast once you get it going, so adult supervision is recommended.

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