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StoryBlox™ would like to introduce the the KinderBlox Project.  For every 10 sets of Build-Your-Own-StoryBlox™ sold, Customized Data Solutions, the makers of StoryBlox™, will donate one set to a classroom or nursery that cannot afford a set of their own.  The counter below will be updated each time a set of Build-Your-Own-StoryBlox™ sells.

KinderBlox Project Counter

Sales 'Til
Next Donation
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To Date
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Last Set Sold: 05/04/2014
Project Started: 11/01/2006

Last Donation: January 2008

Schools and organizations that wish to be considered for receipt of a free set are encouraged to send us their contact information, and upon verification, will be added to a list.  Everytime the counter reaches 0, an applicant will be randomly selected to receive a set, and the counter will be reset to 10.  The list of recipients will be updated with each new donation.

If you would like to support this project, you can do so by purchasing a set of Build-Your-Own-StoryBlox™, from one of our sales sites, or anywhere else that StoryBlox™ are sold.

Please Click here for answers to frequently asked questions.

Please note that StoryBlox™ is *not* a non-profit organization. Since donations are based on the number of sets sold, StoryBlox™ cannot guarantee that every applicant that is accepted will receive a set of blocks. StoryBlox™ reserves the right to deny any application, for any reason, and this program is subject to cancellation at any time. If we decide to cancel this program, and the counter is above 0, the program will be continued until it has reached 10 again and one final set has been donated.

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