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We are a very small home-based toy company, currently located in southern Ohio, that has been making quality, handmade, keepsakes and toys for over 15 years. We started out making block sets with nursery rhymes, and our primary product for many years were our full sized block sets. Over the years our line of products has expanded to include various handmade toys, keepsakes, promotional products, games and more. Making safe toys with educational benefits remains our primary focus.

If you are in this area and would like to inquire about local sales, please contact us via email for more information, or send written correspondence to:

Customized Data Solutions
ATTN: StoryBlox Staff
P. O. Box 474
Washington Ct Hs, Ohio 43160

StoryBlox™ Set Origins:

Alphabet blocks are one of the best toys ever made, in our opinion. Most of the time, however, young children are left to play with them by themselves, and older children quickly lose interest. StoryBlox™ were created to be more engaging, as parents, caretakers and older siblings are more inclined to play with small children, helping them to pick out the stories, songs, or rhymes and reading with them.

Pre-school aged children will be able to play with these blocks just like regular alphabet blocks, but older children will also be interested in finding the right blocks, putting them in order, and reading along. These blocks are also great for households with children of varying ages, as older children often enjoy showing off and reading to their younger siblings.

StoryBlox™ Toy Safety:

All the paints and finishes we use on our products are made in the United States and are certified safe & non-toxic by independent, board-certified toxicologists. We have also gone to great care to make sure that our toys meet any other applicable safety laws.

Some of our products (yoyos, dice, etc) are not specifically intended for children, and/or are not safe for children under 3 years old. Please read the fine print on our product description pages to make sure the products you select are suitable for the children you will be giving them to.

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