StoryBlox Reader StoryBlox - Custom, Handcrafted Alphabet Blocks


Small Children:

  • Motor Skills -- as with any stacking toy, blocks help small children develop essential motor skills.

  • Letter Recognition -- StoryBlox™, unlike some blocks, actually have both the capital letter and it's lower-case counterpart on the same block, this means that besides the standard capital letter recognition, toddlers will be exposed to the lower case letters as well. They will also be exposed to numbers and punctuation marks.

  • Colors -- StoryBlox™ encorporate red, blue, yellow, green, and purple.

Older Children:

  • Reading -- StoryBlox™ make reading fun, children enjoy finding and reading the popular nursery rhymes or songs, especially if they have younger siblings or adults to read to as they're playing.

  • Sorting & Grouping -- having each line of each song, rhyme, or tongue twister on a different block means children have to sort through the blocks to find the next line. Each line of a particular rhyme or song is in the same color as the other lines in that song, and the rhymes go in order (so, "Diddle Diddle Dumpling", for example, will be in red print on blocks A through D), this makes it less of a challenge to find the right blocks, but also encourages color recognition and proper letter ordering.

  • Speech Therapy -- TwisterBlox™ are especially useful for speech therapy purposes. Tongue twisters have long been used to help children hear the minor differences between word pronunciations. The challenge of saying the tongue twisters also helps children learn to ennunciate more clearly, and it's fun besides.

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