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General Information:

Build-Your-Own-StoryBlox™ is our original set of blocks.  These blocks feature build-your-own-story text as well as a number of added educational benefits.  They are great for home-schooling, pre-schools and nurseries, elementary classroom education, or plain old fun at home.  They will entertain children of all ages, as well as adults that are children at heart, and can provide hours of fun, educational play.

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StoryBlox - with Booklet A Box of StoryBlox StoryBlox - All Sides StoryBlox - in Plastic Bin


Educational Benefits:

  • Letter/Number Recognition
    • The 26 letters blocks have both upper and lower-case letters.
    • The remaining 10 blocks have numbers and symbols.
    • Each block contains words matching that block's letter or number.
    • Matching characters are underlined wherever they appear.
  • Colors
    • Block letters alternate in red, blue, yellow and green.
    • Text on side 1 is red with blue underlines.
    • Text on side 2 is blue with red underlines.
    • Text on side 3 is green with purple underlines.
    • Text on side 4 is purple with green underlines.
  • Grammar
    • Side 1 contains at least one noun.
    • Side 2 contains at least one verb.
    • Side 3 contains a prepositional phrase.
    • Side 4 contains at least one conjunction.
  • Reading
    • When read in order, the sides of each block form a quirkly little mini story.
    • Blocks can be arranged side by side in different orders to create a nearly endless number of stories.


A set includes 36 blocks (1˝" cube). The top of each block is a stencilled capital letter or a number (A-Z, 0-9), and the bottom is the matching lower case letter (a-z) or a punctuation mark (! $ & ? / : - % . +).   The remaining four sides each contain random phrases and sentence fragments that, when put together with other blocks in the set, allow children to create a nearly endless combination of unique and quirky stories.  Each set of blocks comes in a small open-topped wood box.


Alphabet blocks are one of the best toys ever made, in my opinion.  Most of the time, however, young children are left to play with them by themselves, and older children quickly lose interest in them.  StoryBlox™ are much more engaging, as parents, caretakers and older siblings are much more inclined to play with small children, helping them to make up custom stories and reading with them.

Pre-school aged children will be able to play with these blocks just like regular alphabet blocks, but older children will also be interested in reading the silly stories on each block, and arranging the blocks side by side to make up their own stories. These blocks are also great for households with children of varying ages, as older children often enjoy showing off and reading to their younger siblings.

Example Block Text:

  • Block - Letter 'A':
    Block A - Side 1 Block A - Side 2 Block A - Side 3 Block A - Side 4
  • Block - Number '1':
    Block 1 - Side 1 Block 1 - Side 2 Block 1 - Side 3 Block 1 - Side 4

Special Information:

The letters, numbers and symbols are painted on using stencils and a very durable indoor/outdoor, child safe, non-toxic paint.   The nursery rhyme text is applied toner ink (so no more dangerous than a photo copy).  These blocks are VERY durable and will survive most any abuse that doesn't destroy the wood itself.

Want More?

If you're interested in purchasing multiple sets, or would like to know when new sets become available, please email us and ask to be signed up for our StoryBlox™ newsletter. 

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StoryBlox - with Booklet A Box of StoryBlox StoryBlox - All Sides StoryBlox - in Plastic Bin

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