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NameBlox are our line of personalized alphabet blocks, featuring your child's name along with typical StoryBlox™ text or personlized text.

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NameBlox - Grace & Jack NameBlox - Trilingual Nursery Rhymes - Megan NameBlox - Illustrated - Margaux NameBlox - Matthew, Margie, Grace and Jack NameBlox - Nursery Rhymes - Thalia


The top of each block will have an upper-case letter, the bottom will have the matching lower-case letter.  This leaves four sides open on each block.

In the StoryBlox™ fashion, the remaining sides of the blocks will be filled with text.  You have two options here:

  • Option 1:

    We will pick out classic nursery rhymes, tongue twisters, children's songs, praise songs, build-your-own-story text, or a combination of the above to fill the sides (text will be picked based on number of blocks you're getting).

  • Option 2:

    We can print *custom text* at your request. Examples would be a poem you wrote for your child, a message to your child, facts about your child for posterity's sake (e.g. birth date, weight, etc), or anything else you can think of.  If your request includes copyrighted text (e.g. a poem), you *must* hold the copyright.

The text will be split up between blocks, so that when the blocks are placed in order with the first printed side facing outward, one story/rhyme/message can be read.  When they are turned so that the second side is showing, another story/rhyme/message will show.

See the photos or email for ordering details, for a closer look, just click on the picture.

Special Information:

The letters, numbers and symbols are painted on using stencils and a very durable indoor/outdoor, child safe, non-toxic paint.  The song text is applied toner ink (so no more dangerous than a photo copy).  These blocks are VERY durable and will survive most any abuse that doesn't destroy the wood itself.

Custom Colors:

The stencilled letters on our blocks are usually done in primary colors (red, yellow, blue and green -- longer names may include purple and orange), if you want different colors please let us know what you're looking for.  The printed text on the blocks will be side 1: red, side 2: green, side 3: blue, and side 4: purple.

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