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A set includes 36 blocks, each block is a 1½" wood cube.  The front face of each block holds a capital letter or a number (A-Z, 0-9), and the back face is the matching lower case letter (a-z) or a punctuation mark (! $ & ? / : - % . +).  The remaining four sides each hold one line of a popular tongue twister (see list of twisters below).  All together, the set includes the text of 43 tongue twisters.

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TwisterBlox TwisterBlox - Side 3 TwisterBlox - Uppercase & Numbers TwisterBlox - Lowercase & Symbols



Alphabet blocks are one of the best toys ever made, in my opinion.  Most of the time, however, young children are left to play with them by themselves, and older children quickly lose interest in them.  TwisterBlox™ are much more engaging, as parents, caretakers, teachers and older siblings are much more inclined to play with small children, helping them to pick out the tongue twisters and reading with them.  TwisterBlox™ are especially useful for speech therapy.  For the moms out there, we have done our best to leave out any tongue twisters that encourage swearing.

Pre-school aged children will be able to play with these blocks just like regular alphabet blocks, but older children will also be interested in finding the right blocks, putting them in order, and trying to read the tongue twisters.  These blocks are also great for households with children of varying ages, as older children often enjoy showing off and reading to their younger siblings.

Tongue Twisters in this Set:

  • Betty Botter
  • Peter Piper
  • She Sells Seashells
  • Woodchuck
  • Canny Canner
  • Eleven Benevolent Elephants *
  • Tudor
  • Fischer
  • Light Night
  • Flee Fly Flue
  • Two Witches
  • Wun-wun, Tutu
  • Ice Cream
  • Big Black Bug
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy
  • Willy and Millicent
  • Too Wise (2 Y's)
  • Understand
  • Smart Fellows
  • The Seething Sea
  • Rugged Rock
  • Go For a Gopher
  • Fresh Fried Fish
  • Tommy Tommy Toiling
  • My Friend Gladys
  • Five Fat Friars Frying Flat Fish *
  • Whether the Weather
  • A Skunk on a Stump
  • Noise Annoys
  • I Wish I Were
  • Surely Sylvia
  • Need Not Needles
  • Bear to See a Bear
  • Fred Fed Ted Bread and Ted Fed Fred Bread *
  • Sam's Shop Stocks Short Spotted Socks *
  • Six Sick Slick Slim Sycamore Saplings *
  • A Quick Witted Cricket Critic *
  • Stupid Superstition! *
  • Two Tried And True Tridents *
  • Busy Buzzing Bumble Bees *
  • Tie Twine To Three Tree Twigs *
  • Three Short Sword Sheaths *
  • We're Real Rear Wheels *
(Items with a * indicate a one-line tongue twister, the rest are multi-line, so you have to search the blocks to line up the entire tongue twister.)

Special Information:

The letters, numbers and symbols are painted on using stencils and a very durable indoor/outdoor, child safe, non-toxic paint.   The tongue twister text is applied toner ink (so no more dangerous than a photo copy).  These blocks are VERY durable and will survive most any abuse that doesn't destroy the wood itself.

Want More?

Right now each set of blocks comes in a small open-topped wood box (I am having some boxes custom made for future sets, but I'm not sure how long it will take to get them in).  If you're interested in purchasing multiple sets, or would like to know when new sets become available, please email us and ask to be signed up for our StoryBlox™ newsletter. 

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TwisterBlox TwisterBlox - Side 3 TwisterBlox - Uppercase & Numbers TwisterBlox - Lowercase & Symbols

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