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PromoBlox™ is our line of custom promotional alphabet blocks for your business or organization.

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PromoBlox with Stand PromoBlox for CrysallisCreations
PromoBlox made for thechocolatelab PromoBlox in a Pile Sides of CrysallisCreation's Blox


The top of each block will have an upper-case letter, the bottom will have the matching lower-case letter.  This leaves four sides open on each block.

We use these blocks for our own business, and decided to offer them for others as well.  They make nice (although not very heavy) little paperweights, and work great for guerilla marketing, as they can be left in opportune places (doctor's waiting rooms, with your tip at a restaurant, etc.) just like a business card.  The blocks are far less likely to be thrown away, and people feel like they're being given something substantial.

A stand like the one in the main picture is included with each order of 20 or more blocks.  It makes a great display stand in a local store, or a nice addition to your office desk.  Additional stands can be ordered upon request.

Once your first order is place, your files will be saved, and future productions will be billed based on a low, per-block price.  As these are hand-crafted, production and delivery time will depend on order size.

How it Works:

Choose the letter you want stencilled on your block (uppercase on top, lowercase on bottom), choose the letter color, then fill out the template we will send you for the remaining four block faces.

When you place an order, we will provide you with a Microsoft Word template and some general pointers.  You will need to decide what you want on the blocks, fill out the Word template, and then email it back to us.  Upon receipt, we will test the template on one block and let you know if there is anything that won't transfer properly before doing the whole set.  We will also provide photos of the finished block upon request.

If you would like the template before ordering, please contact us and we can send it to you.


You can add images, text, etc, as long as it will fit on four 1.5" square faces, and the colors are such that it will print correctly (you can test your image by printing on a tan paper -- if it comes out okay it should look fine on the blocks).

Keep in mind that some of the fine details and differences in color might not come out as well transferred onto the wood, so you'll want to stick to simple images with sharp edges and high contrast.  Darker colors work best.

Try to keep fonts at least 10pt, as smaller fonts will be hard for people to read.  Using Bold text is usually best, as the toner will transfer more clearly and evenly.

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