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Personalized Incentive Charts Personalized Incentive Charts
Tag Along Adventure
Behavior incentive charges are used to encourage and motivate children towards good behaviors and away from bad. Here you'll find a great selection of chart designs, which come personalized for your child. Sandra is even willing to offer advice on helping you setup your strategy.
Fabric Clock and Number Game Fabric Clock & Number Game
Hing Made
Play with your kids and have family fun at home or on vacation with this two-in-one handmade game. Learn time, numbers, and improve hand-eye coordination.
Chalk Cloth Coasters Chalk Cloth Coasters
Dine & Doodles
I'm a big fan of chalk cloth, and these coasters are a great way to use it. This seller welcomes custom orders as well...
Interactive Play Quilt Interactive Play Quilt
"Each Interactive Play Quilt is a concentration-style memory game.  Every colorful square on the quilt feature flaps with pictures hidden underneath."
What a billiant idea!
Petite Picasso - Oilcloth Art Apron Petite Picasso - Oilcloth Art Apron
Sugar Chic Baby
This art apron is a great item for the little artist in your home. Not your style? Check out the entire list of aprons in this shop, I'm sure you'll find one you love.
Soft Texture Baby and Toddler Blocks Soft Texture Baby & Toddler Blocks
Poppy Patch Quiltery
Poppy Patch makes some fabulous texture blocks for the tiny tots out there. This set of 3 large blocks will introduce your infant or toddler to colors, shapes, and texture. Check her other listings for a single block.

These blocks do have a small bell inside, so just don't let your dog and your baby play with one at the same time. :)

Tag Blankies Tag Blankies
Little Elephant Company
"Our TAG BLANKIES are the perfect lovey and security blanket for your baby to cherish throughout the most important learning years.
In addition, our Tag Blankies are an excellent accessory for NURSING MOTHERS. Baby can discreetly hide underneath!"
Daniel in the Lion's Den Daniel in the Lion's Den
Have I mentioned I love puppets? Here's a set with Daniel, King Darius and the lion with mouth shut tight!
Green and Speckled Frogs Finger Puppets Five Green & Speckled Frogs
Finger Puppet Set

These 5 green and speckled frogs sit on their speckled log.  They totally eat up some most delicious bugs (YUM YUM), then one jumps into a pool.  Where it is nice and cool.  Then there are 4 green speckled frogs (GLUG GLUG).
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